Month: August 2017

Intel launches 8th generation Core processors with major innovations

8th generation intel

They have finally arrived. The new Coffee Lake platform for Intel Core processors is here and this time it seems that Intel got its act together since it states that the new platform is about 40% faster than the current Kaby Lake and even two times more powerful than the platform used 5 years ago.

The new Intel Core processors seem more willing to face AMD than ever before, especially since there was nobody on par with AMD for many years until now. However, the picture has changed considerably and providing an update giving you only an extra 15% of performance is not enough nowadays. Now what prevails is multitasking and we all know what that means: more cores and more threads. (more…)

SteelSeries adds the Apex M750 RGB keyboard to their catalog

Gaming peripherals specialist SteelSeries has announced the launch of their new Apex M750 RGB keyboard, with new generation mechanical QX2 switches and, of course, RGB lighting, configurable independently for each key.

The Apex M750 RGB relies on the new SteelSeries QX2 mechanisms, con linear sensitivity and ultrafast response, emulating the original Cherry MX Silver. These switches have linear, quiet and quick functionality, and are easy to activate, besides counting with a 50 millions presses lifespan per key. The keyboard has been built with an aliminum aerospacial core that offers durability, stability and an extraordinary design.

Apex M750 RGB keyboard

Right now, the gaming peripherals market, especially in the keyboards scope, is full to the brim, so even big manufacturers like SteelSeries have to innovate if they want to excel over the competition. Besides, keyboard-wise, there are plenty of options, with different kinds of switches, specs and materials, but there are always products with the “no pain, no gain” premise. What makes the Apex M750 RGB different? (more…)