AMD announces SSD NVMe RAID support in the X399 platform for Threadripper

The absence of native support for the creation of RAID groups on NVMe units was one of the most important shortcomings with the AMD X399 platform for RYZEN Threadripper processors. It could be done through software, but this made mounting RAID systems and installing operating systems impossible for this type of drives, since we could not boot them from the drive itself.

ASUS X399 platform

Fortunately, during the launch of the new Threadripper 1900X, AMD has announced that it will launch a free driver for the X399 platform that will support RAIDs of up to 10 NVMe devices with internal booting support.

The update will arrive on September 25th, if there is no setback, and will allow you to create RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 10 type sets with high speed NVD SSD.

It is clear that a RAID like this, with this type of SSD, is not very common and we doubt it’s practical in a home computer, but don’t forget that Threadripper is a platform for experienced users who might be interested in high-performance configurations with NVD SSD in RAID 0.

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