SteelSeries adds the Apex M750 RGB keyboard to their catalog

Gaming peripherals specialist SteelSeries has announced the launch of their new Apex M750 RGB keyboard, with new generation mechanical QX2 switches and, of course, RGB lighting, configurable independently for each key.

The Apex M750 RGB relies on the new SteelSeries QX2 mechanisms, con linear sensitivity and ultrafast response, emulating the original Cherry MX Silver. These switches have linear, quiet and quick functionality, and are easy to activate, besides counting with a 50 millions presses lifespan per key. The keyboard has been built with an aliminum aerospacial core that offers durability, stability and an extraordinary design.

Apex M750 RGB keyboard

Right now, the gaming peripherals market, especially in the keyboards scope, is full to the brim, so even big manufacturers like SteelSeries have to innovate if they want to excel over the competition. Besides, keyboard-wise, there are plenty of options, with different kinds of switches, specs and materials, but there are always products with the “no pain, no gain” premise. What makes the Apex M750 RGB different?

According to Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO, what makes this keyboard stand out is that it has no downsides. They have listened to users’ demands and have implemented each and every one of them in their product, which also had them develop a new software, and with it comes the new SteelSeries Engine version, more complete and simpler to use than ever.

The new SteelSeries Engine

The Apex M750 RGB launch brings with it a big software update. Now it’s more intuitive and user-friendly, and includes new advanced lighting options, like reactive lighting, chat notifications, etc. In fact, SteelSeries associated themselves with Discord, the voice software IP that’s most used by gamers, and it will now sync with SteelSeries devices to show notifications through keyboard lighting.

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