Three keys to choosing a professional laptop

When choosing a professional gaming laptop under 500, we must consider many elements before making a decision. The first one is to realize the specific hardware that we need so we can work with the set of tools required by our company or our professional activity.

Obviously, the needs to be met by a professional laptop in a law firm working mostly with light office applications and web browsers are not the same as the needs in a company dedicated to graphic design, which uses applications that demand a high processing power.

professional laptop

We must also take into account two things: the built-in OS, as important aspects like the supported applications ecosystem depend on it, and the display size and resolution, which are key elements that greatly determines comfort when it comes to working.

It might seem that we just finished discussing the key points to consider before choosing a professional laptop, but in reality there are three other aspects less commented on, although of great importance that customers should bear in mind before choosing a device.

1. Built-in security

Professional laptops are used in a company’s network to handle different types of files and documents that may contain sensitive information from both our customers and our own company.

Device protection: both at hardware and software levels. In this sense, HP professional laptops have very efficient systems, such as HP Sure Start Gen3 and HP Sure Click, which will be soon available for free.

Protection against identity theft: user authentication is crucial to use professional equipment safely. With tools like HP Multi-Factor Authenticate we can establish systems with biometric authentication or PIN codes. Another solution like HP Client Security Suite Gen3 helps keeping files protected from unauthorized access.

Data protection: to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. HP protects its professional devices with solutions such as HP Sure View, which get rid of the ‘world’s oldest’ hacking system, and HP Secure Erase, which offers a completely secure data erasure.

2. Battery life

Battery life is another element that adds value to a professional laptop, especially now that mobility and ‘cordless’ workstations have become a clear trend in companies.

If a laptop does not offer autonomy according to our needs, chances are that we will not be able to end our work day with a single battery charge.

This can have two consequences depending to a great extent on the situation that we might end up being in. If we cannot charge the laptop while in the middle of an important job, we will not be able to get it done, thus having to face all the related implications if it was an urgent job.

HP has taken this into account, so professional devices such as the HP EliteBook 820 G4 provide up to 14 hours and 45 minutes on each full battery charge.

3. Weight and finish quality

The laptop’s weight is closely related to its possibilities as a mobile device. Some years ago, a device under 1.5 kg was considered light, but now the bar has been raised and it is quite mandatory for them to be around or less than 1 kg.

The finish quality also influences the laptop’s weight, its durability and resistance. This means that a professional laptop made of aluminum will offer a lower weight and a greater resistance than a laptop made with lower-quality materials.

This definitely translates into a better lifespan. The HP EliteBook 820 G4 is again an excellent example at this point, as it weighs 1.26 kg and has a chassis made of aluminum and magnesium.

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